Tuesday, 28 March 2017

**Snow Leopard** Graphite pencil on paper

My new direction in art .This a finished pencil drawing I did in 2016.
Graphite pencil  on Strathmore paper 70 cm x 50cm
First time I had actually drawn a finished piece of graphite artwork since early 90s so I am pleased with this piece.
A whole new adventure in art.Different skills learnt  & different techniques.
This `jonsullivanart`site is just created  to showcase my various cover art and early years work,but I was keen to give an idea to those that have followed my cover work how I am now occupying myself these days ;),plus its a Wildlife & Nature theme, so right up my street.
Working on many graphite projects at the moment but will be publishing them on a separate website specifically for my graphite work.
Coming next year when enough work is amassed.
Cheers folks!